About Truth

Akash Deep
1 min readMar 11, 2021

You can only discover truth and can not own it. Even if you discover the truth yourself, it does not become your truth. Truth is always a public good which gets created by people seeking it.

You lose the ownership of truth the moment you discover it.It means that even if you discover some truth, you can not change it or modify it later.

Truth stands on its own. Truth does not respect authority. Truth does not need any belief i.e. you don’t have to believe in it.

Truth does not require anyone’s green signal for wider acceptance. Truth does not need gatekeepers.Truth does not need justifications.

Even if you discovered it in some set of specific areas, it will have its own wider applicability beyond you and the conditions unknown to you.

Once you discover truth, it looks inevitable looking back. Truth is the foundation on which infinite new observations lie.

Only thing a truth requires is an explanation and simpler the explanations, more rigid and far seeking the truth will be.

Truth has no significance without a good explanation and since explanations require an intelligent human being…humans might be the link between truth and universe and as a result it can be our meaning of existence