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Do you think you are an Introvert (or extrovert)? Well, think Again !!

Akash Deep


We have different ways of defining who is an introvert vs who is an extrovert. Some people say that extroverts like to meet with people but introverts don’t. Some say that extroverts are easy going people but introverts are arrogant. Some say that introverts are thinkers and extroverts are doers.

These definitions are based on general behaviour shown by people depending on which side they prefer to identify themselves. The question is can our behaviour always tell about our nature? Answer is no

Looking further, I came upon the definition which was best till date, it was :

“Introverts are the ones who tend to lose their energy level when in public and need some time alone to recharge. However, extroverts are the ones who get energised in company of others.”

Even though this definition does not conclude based on common behaviour pattern but this definition associates being an introvert vs an extrovert as the implicit nature of a person. A person has to be introvert or extrovert depending on her nature.

What if being an intorvert (or extrovert)is not about personality but more about the situation.

When your mind is overly stimulated and your senses are overloaded, you tend to be introvert and are aiming for harmony in your senses to feel normal. However, when you feel bored and your senses are under stimulated, you tend to seek external stimulus to feel normal.

Above two situations can happen to any person and as a result make him more introvert or extrovert.

Thinking deeply can make a person’s mind stimulated and that person might not prefer company of others in that situation. So next time, if your colleague is not talking to you in cafeteria then it is possible that he is overly stimulated by some deep thought.

When you are getting a good massage, you tend to close your eyes and enjoy while thinking less because your skin is already overly stimulated and it will not be possible for you to engage other senses. It does not matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Everyone behaves in the same way.

Being an intorvert/extrovert is more about the situation & senses and less about the implicit nature of an individual.