Yoga for Creativity

Akash Deep


It has been around 10 years when I enrolled myself in Art of living course and learned Sudarshan Kriya. This was my first experience of pranayam although daily meditation and Om chants were a daily exercise in my school. Sudarshna kriya makes you calm and doing long kriya once in a while is a transcendental experience. However, one particular exercise which I learned in DNS course around 5 years ago in Ahmedabad had different kind of impact on me.

I learned padmasadhna in 2014 and I believe it provides a strong boost to my creativity. Set of exercises and their specific sequence in Padmasadhna helps in unleashing the creativity within.

I don’t have any specific references to reliable sources but I think all the yoga poses in Padmasadhna are designed in such a way that they start from the bottommost Mooladhar Chakra and move their way up.

All the exercises in Padmasadhna work on different areas along your spinal cord. First asana is body rotation which works on the bottom most part of the spinal cord where Mooladhaar (or base)chakra is located. Next set of asanas are Makarasan and Sulabhasan which stimulate the areas near Swadhisthan (Navel) chakra. Then Bhujangasan and Viprit Sulabhasan (superman pose), Natrajasan work on Solar Plexux Region. Heart chakra and Throat chakra region also gets stimulated after Natrajasan and Ardh Macchendra Asan. Finally mediatation and anulom vilom takes care of remaining two chakras (Aagya and Swadhisthan).

If you are looking for enhancing your creative powers, you might want to try Padmasaadhna. However, you should first learn these asanas fom an expert because these asanas are not just a set of poses. You also need to take care of your breathing and speed in different poses. One simple rule while doing asanas I follow is that one should inhale while moving against gravity and exhale while moving in line with gravity.

Check this youTube video on how to do Padmasaadhna