Apathy is the feeling of not being interested or enthusiastic in anything. Apathy is not a normal human nature because we are inherently curious. It is a modern phenomenon resulting from external environment demanding our constant attention and interest.

One category demanding constant attention are various digital/content products around us…

You can only discover truth and can not own it. Even if you discover the truth yourself, it does not become your truth. Truth is always a public good which gets created by people seeking it.

You lose the ownership of truth the moment you discover it.It means that even…

I was interacting with teachers in a webinar where we were focussing on the importance of setting up academic goals for the schools. While talking about this goal setting, teachers usually have the objective of improving the average scores, providing personalized experience, completing the syllabus as per the timeline etc.


कोरोनावायरस का टाइम था, सब लोग लॉकडाउन के कारण घरों में कैद थे, पूरा हफ्ता ऑनलाइन ऑफिस अटेंड करने के बाद राजेश इतवार के दिन थोड़ा रिलीफ महसूस कर रहा था. वैसे भी रोज-रोज दफ्तर और घर का काम साथ साथ करते हुए दिन निकल रहे थे तो छुट्टी का…

Being great is a personal opinion, you can be great in your own eyes but for others, you might not matter. Being remarkable is an objective term, you become remarkable when people pass on remarks about you. These remarks can be good, bad anything.

Often people wanting to do great things end up in echo chambers and their work is often appreciated/known in few closed circles. But remarkable work becomes the talk of the town. Remarkable work makes people to comment on your work. In the present world, being remarkable means free social media publicity.

Jio meet might not be a great product but it is remarkable as it has opened so many debates on social media platforms giving them free publicity.

You can objectively measure how remarkable you are but same might not be true for being great.

Akash Deep

Curious about design, numbers and behaviour.

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